Atari breakout: Play Google Breakout Easter Egg Game online

For years there’s been a Google arcade game “Atari Breakout” which is available on google search. Here’s everything you need to know about Atari breakout game a Google Easter egg. Play Google breakout game online for free.

Play Atari Breakout

Atari breakout game a Google Easter Egg

Atari Breakout is a hidden Google breakout game which turns Google Images into a playable classic arcade video game. In 1976 Atari’s breakout game was first released, but the Google search version got added in 2013 to commemorate the game’s 37th anniversary.

It is a refreshing diversion from the typical Google Search experience. The coloured bricks are the sole variation between the original Atari breakout and Google breakout game. The colourful bricks in Google’s version are “screen captures” of your google image search results.

The colourful bricks in Google breakout version are “screen captures” of your google image search results.

How to find Atari breakout Google Easter egg?

Finding most of Google Search’s Easter eggs is very simple all you need to do is type the correct words in the google search bar.

For the atari breakout game, the method is somehow the same but finding and playing the Search version of Breakout requires a little more effort. The keyword you’ll need is “Atari Breakout,” or simply “Breakout” or “Google Breakout” might work.

In any case, Google Search returns the default set of results if you conduct a standard search, which includes links to websites and resources. Although you could once find the game by searching for it in the Images section of Google Search, that is no longer the case – at least not without clicking on a link.

Google Breakout

The Easter egg will not load if you don’t utilize the lucky search feature, and the same is the case for Google Search Images. However, you will get a bunch of pictures of the game.

Furthermore, because the Chrome mobile app doesn’t have an “I’m feeling lucky” tab, users might be able to play the game by looking up the usual keyword of the Atari game on Chrome and then clicking on the first search result. However, this isn’t the same as the Atari Breakout game automatically firing when you search it on Google.

How do you become a better player and achieve highest score in Breakout?

In the Google Breakout game, the highest score possible is 896, which is achievable If a player eliminates two screens of bricks worth 448 points each.

Because no additional screens are provided to the player, once the player destroys the bricks on the second screen, the ball in play will bounce harmlessly off empty walls until the player resumes the game. However, there is a way to score more than the maximum of 896 points.

Playing the game in two-player mode is the key to unlocking the secret. If “Player One” can complete the first screen on their third and final ball, then lets the ball “drain,” The second screen of “Player One” will be transmitted to “Player Two” as a third screen., which will allow Player Two to score 1,344 points max. Only if they can keep the third ball in play for that long, after the third screen goes away, the game will be over.

Another key to being a successful Atari breakout player is to keep a close eye on the ball and rebound the ball in the middle of the paddle the majority of the time.

It gives the player more control over the ball. Wait, there’s one more tip you can use to become a good breakout player, it is to try to shoot the ball through the middle of the bricks and create a hole or space in the bricks through which the ball can bounce through the brick formation. When the ball bounces off, it breaks several bricks resulting in a much higher score in one shot.

Functions of Atari breakout game

The game begins with a black screen with colourful rows of bricks, a paddle and a ball. Each row of the brick has three colours, Red, Green, Orange, and Yellow. The Players have to move the paddle back and forth horizontally and knockout the brick walls with the ball. The Players will lose their turn if they miss the ball’s rebound with the paddle.

Atari Breakout

Each player gets three turns to clear two brick-filled screens. Every coloured brick has different points. Yellow bricks get the player one point, Green bricks gets three points, Orange bricks gets five, and top-level red bricks will get the player seven points. When the ball bursts through the red row and hits the upper wall, the paddle will shrink to half. The Ball speed will increase after four hits, twelve hits, and after it makes contact with the orange and red rows.

History of Atari Breakout

Breakout is not a graphically perfect or intellectually simulating game by today’s standards because it’s a different game whose concept inspiration comes from the Pong game, which came out four years before Atari’s Breakout Game. The current Atari breakout game is a counterpart of a hoop and a stick.

When the Atari Breakout was first released on May 13, 1976, By Atari inc, it quickly became the talk of the town among people and was an instantaneous hit. A computer programmer Stephen Gary Wozniak, Commonly known for his nickname “Woz”, was the developer of the breakout game. Wozniak was a computer programmer at that time. Although, he wasn’t responsible for the name or idea of the breakout game. The people responsible for the concept of the Atari breakout game were Steve Bristow and Nolan Bushnell.

Pong had one major flaw it required a human opponent to play.

Pong’s designer, Nolan Bushnell, changed the game bat-and-ball basis in a few simple but significant ways. He rotated the playing field 90 degrees and replaced the second player paddle with eight rows of bricks. Bushnell had built a single-player version of Pong with enough challenge to offer the public a reason to play it over and over again by incorporating a scoring system in which each coloured brick was worth a different number of points.

Namco launched the arcade game in Japan.

In 1978, an Atari VCS port with colour graphics was produced, rather than a monochrome screen with a colourful overlay. Attari’s breakout game is possibly one of the most important stepping stones in the growth of the videogames industry. Later Google also include in its Easter eggs as Google Breakout.

While the gameplay of Attari’s Breakout would be copied and stolen for decades, its effect extended far beyond bat-and-ball games.

With its emphasis on stages and high scores, Tomohiro Nishikado’s design for Space Invaders was published to great acclaim in 1976, directly influenced by the atari breakout game. Space Invaders is essentially a Breakout game with moving and shooting bricks, as Nishikado has revealed in later interviews.

Steve job’s contribution to Attari’s Break out game.

While Bushnell came up with the concept for Atari’s Breakout Game, Steve Jobs, who at the time, was a technician working the night shifts at the Atari company, Bushnell offered him the task to design the breakout game because Bushnell knew job’s friend Steve Wozniak is working at Hewlett Packard. Job’s accepted the task of developing the prototype in four days. Because Bushnell knew job’s friend Steve Wozniak is working at Hewlett Packard. Job’s took the offer of developing the prototype in four days.

Atari was eager to decrease the cost of each Breakout game coin-op at the time because microchips were exceedingly expensive, and they offered Steve Jobs a $100 incentive for every chip he eliminated from their original concept.

Jobs managed to get hold of his friend and future company’s partner Steve Wozniak to complete the prototype of Breakout in just four days. At the time, a Hewlett-Packard employee, Wozniak was known for his hardware designs that required a surprisingly tiny number of microchips. Jobs convinced Wozniak to collaborate with him by promising to divide the fee 50/50 if Wozniak could reduce the number of chips used.

Wozniak did not have any sketches, so he based his interpretation on the game’s description. For saving parts, Woz had a trick of designs that other engineers couldn’t comprehend. Wozniak contemplated moving the high score to the top of the screen, but Jobs claimed Bushnell wanted it at the bottom. Wozniak met the original deadline by working at Atari for four nights straight while also working at Hewlett-Packard during the day.

The completed Breakout design, which Atari somewhat modified from Wozniak’s idea due to its complex layout, was released in arcades on April 13, 1976.

It was a huge hit right away. It was quickly replicated by competing manufacturers, much like Pong but the influx of affordable home computers and consoles meant that a version of Breakout official or not would eventually find its way to every system known to humanity.

Atari 2600

Brad Stewart converted the original arcade version of the Breakout game to the Atari 2600.

With six rows of bricks and five turns instead of three, the Atari breakout game debuted in 1978. The ball does not bounce off the bricks in the Breakthru variation. Instead, it travels through them until it reaches the wall. This concept originated from Atari and was used alongside the Breakout Game to describe gameplay. Particularly in clones and remakes

Did you know?

Atari’s Breakout Game’s first arcade cabinet had an artwork that suggested the Game narrative to be a prison break. If the players successfully break the wall, their inmate flees, followed by others.

Did Atari Breakout really influence Modern day’s giants?

The answer is Yes, Breakout had a direct influence on Wozniak’s Apple II computer design.

In an interview, Wozniak said that “Because I built Breakout for Atari, that’s why a lot of Apple II features went in. I did it in hardware. Now I wanted to do it in software “. He designed colour graphics circuitry, added game paddle support and sound, and used graphics instructions in Integer BASIC to create Brick Out, a software clone of his original hardware game.

In 1984 he stated that All of the game elements were there so that i could demonstrate my familiarity with the game Breakout at the Homebrew Computer Club.

When I exhibited the Breakout game, which I wrote in BASIC, it was one of the most satisfying days of my life. To me, it seemed like a crucial step. I knew the ability to program arcade games in BASIC would revolutionize the world after building hardware arcade games.

Other influences worth mentioning

Breakout was the original idea for Tomohiro Nishikado’s blockbuster Taito arcade shoot em up game Space Invaders (1978). He wanted to replicate the sense of accomplishment and stress he had when destroying targets one by one in a shooting game.

Tomohiro nishikado is an engineer and Japanese game developer.

Pilgrim in the Microworld

David Sudnow’s autobiography, Pilgrim in the Microworld, talks about his passion and obsession with Atari Breakout Game. He also discusses his visit to Silicon Valley to interview programmers and meet the manufacturer.


Atari’s breakout game is a smash hit and a work of art in its own right.

Atari’s breakout game has a complicated history. Great minds were involved in its creation. One of the most significant inventions in the videogame industry is the Atari Breakout. Breakout is also one of the factors that aided Steve Jobs’s rise, as he was offered a role in the game’s design. And before Breakout’s chip reduction offer, Jobs was just a technician at Atari, but after this, he made nearly $1,000.

The game, Attari’s Breakout filled all of the gaps left by the Pong game, providing users with an enjoyable and exciting game. As a result, Breakout became a worldwide sensation. Because of its popularity, Google decided to include it as an Easter Egg in Google Image Search on its 37th anniversary known as Google breakout. It’s not just a game but a masterpiece that became an inspiration for APPLE II. And Tomohiro Nishikado’s blockbuster.

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